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Telling the Story on YouTube

YouTube for Real Estate

How many products have you purchased because of a TV commercial?  Commercials work.  They can catch the attention of buyers, tell a story, or draw in the viewer considerably more than a stale looking listing presentation at  Yet, for one of the most important and substantial purchases people make, we see very, very few true commercials for real estate listings.  This is where I define the core competency of my service offerings.  I can professionally script, record, narrate, and produce an HD quality YouTube commercial for your listing that is fully accessible on all devices.  Come back to this post in a few days, and you’ll see a taste of my formula for a high quality YouTube Real Estate commercial commercial.  In the meantime, call me at (519) 870-7650 to learn more.

Mike Sloan
Your Marketing Professor Sales Representative
M.A. | B.Ed. | B.Sc. | B.A. | Licensed Ontario Sales Representative