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Two Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas Mike Sloan

Two Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Savvy Realtors

Two Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Savvy Realtors

The real estate market is becoming more saturated by the minute. With fewer clients and an increasing number of agents, the business could not be more competitive. With all this competition, an agent needs to be more resourceful. An agent needs to use every possible tool and method out there to make a sale and earn money despite the stiff competition. So how is this possible? Simple: by effective real estate marketing.

As an agent, you probably know that practically all agents are selling the same thing. Realtors are selling property. And while different properties have different traits and features, they are intrinsically the same. For instance, if two agents are selling two different properties to the same person at the same price-how would the client choose? More than the features of the properties, the client will choose depending on how the agents present the product (in this case, the property), as this is embedded in the perception of the client. Marketing is a way of presenting a product (property) to a potential customer. Hence, in order to succeed in the business, you need great marketing ideas-but they also can’t cost a small fortune.

One great marketing idea is to find an angle for the property you are selling. In journalism, an angle is the part of the news or person the writer presents to potential readers. For instance, a general profile about President Barack Obama can begin with may angles-Obama as the first black United States president; Obama as the successor to George W. Bush; Obama the President as a family man; Obama and pop culture. Choosing an angle depends on the audience-surely, a writer would not write about Obama and pop culture for a publication like The New Yorker.

This applies to real estate properties. All properties have an angle; the job of the agent is to find what the angle is. Is the property environmentally-friendly? Then the agent should present the property as a “green” property. Is the property considerably less expensive despite its top of the line features? Is the property a high-end property? Putting an angle forward makes marketing so much easier because it applies to a specific market.

Another savvy marketing idea is not to market your properties; instead, you should market yourself as an agent. Present yourself as an expert in the field so clients will trust you with their real estate concerns. This is great for agents with years of experience and credentials.

If you don’t have these credentials, then it isn’t too late to create the credentials for yourself. Otherwise, make yourself look or seem like an expert. This can be done through several means-for instance, make sure you always look professional with the way you dress and the way you handle yourself and your clients. With this, you are creating the illusion of power. But you also have to walk the talk. Make sure you have the “goods” to prove your worth. In your free time, write articles or papers on the industry-and try to have them published in reputable papers, journals, or even websites. These credentials will up your status in the business in no time!

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