Grand Bend

About Grand Bend

Grand Bend is home to one of the world’s top 10 most beautiful sunsets, according to National Geographic, and some of Canada’s most sought after beach locations. Grand Bend’s real estate market has been one of Ontario’s most robust and diverse resort locations during the past decade. In more recent years,with the addition of all of the necessities one would expect to have in a typical metropolitan area, the population of Grand Bend’s full-time four-season citizens has been on the rise. Grand Bend is now the place to be, not just during a gorgeous Ontario summer, but all year-round. And while those who live here expect and encourage this population of permanent residents to continue to increase in the near future, this community appears to be in no danger of losing its small-town appeal. Grand Bend will always be a true small-town resort destination; all within walking distance of one of the most popular beaches in Ontario. But now, instead of just coming to the beach in Grand Bend, you can live in Grand Bend!

In a prime real estate market for resort and vacation properties and now a excellent market for primary residences, Mike Sloan* arrives on the scene with a young and fresh perspective. In the Grand Bend area, where those looking to sell or buy real estate have a myriad of Sales Representatives from which to choose, it is my goal to earn your trust in order to earn your business. As the newest real estate business in town, it is key to our mission to differentiate our services for buyers and sellers through effective and cutting-edge use of technology and high quality customer service, wherein I provide you with the answers before you even ask the questions.

In a unique marketplace, where properties worth several million dollars can be located in close proximity to properties worth only a few hundred thousand dollars, Grand Bend can be difficult to understand. In more specific terms, it is often challenging for both buyers and sellers to navigate through the various features and attributes of different properties in order to make accurate comparisons of value. Throw into the mix differing ways and amounts of water access for all these different properties, and it can be almost impossible to compare some homes to anything else! As a full time Grand Bend resident and Sales Representative myself, who better can explain all the subtle nuances of the market to buyers and sellers?

This famous small town is home to some of Canada’s most fantastic premium lake front cottages and homes. But Grand Bend offers more that that; with the addition of some terrific amenities in the last few years. During the last couple of years, the town of Grand Bend has undergone substantial multi-million dollar improvements and renovations.  The new and safer re-designed main street and accompanying parking areas perfectly compliment the beautifully renovated Main Beach recreation area.

As you travel down Main Street underneath the brand new lavish welcome sign, you’ll be passing by on-street parking designed for better aesthetics alongside brand new landscaping from the top to the bottom of strip.  Once you get down to Grand Bend’s Main Beach, one of Ontario’s most extraordinary  beaches, you will find lots of room for parking alongside the brand new beach house with public showers, concessions, and a play area with splash pad and play equipment for the children.

Many businesses have followed suit with major to minor facelifts, expansion projects, and inventory overhauls including local favorites; Endless Surf Shop, The Sunset House, The Growling Gator, Gables bar and nightclub, The Colonial Hotel, Archie’s Surf Shop, The Oakwood Inn Resort and Golf Course, Denny’s original drive-in restaurant, The Starlite Drive-In Theater, the Grand Bend Motorplex, etc.  Even the famous Huron Country Playhouse, home to many fantastic theater productions, and located just minutes outside of town, is currently undergoing massive renovations.  Your standard household names have also made it to town including Tim Hortons, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, Rona, Home Hardware, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Dairy Queen, Pizza Delight, Yogen Fruz, and and of course, the Liquor Store and Beer Store.

In Grand Bend, you have all of these fine fixtures located just minutes away from the Pinery Provincial Park, one of the areas most popular park destinations.  You could be deer watching in your snow shoes in the Pinery and grabbing your groceries for a cozy winter meal only 5 minutes later!  And if something important comes up that requires a city based venue, you’re within an hour’s drive to several major metropolitan centers including London, Sarnia, and Kitchener-Waterloo.  So what’s stopping you?  Make the decision to live in Grand Bend before it’s too late! Moving your family to Grand Bend is as easy as 1-2-3!

Grand Bend Demographics

Statistics Canada provides great demographic information on this thriving town.

Grand Bend Economics

Economic analyses for real estate purposes are one of my specialties.  Please contact me directly at (519) 870-7650 to see some examples of my work.

Grand Bend Weather

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Grand Bend provides spectacular beachfront summers on the Canadian shoreline of Lake Huron. Residents assert that Lake Huron is definitely the ‘greatest’ of the Great Lakes, especially the southern section, to which Grand Bend is home. Even a classic summer storm, as pictured above, is simply breathtaking.

A year with typical weather provides Grand Benders a warm and comfortable summer, with a solid four months of swimming weather. Near shore water temperatures average from the high 60s °F to low 70s °F from June through September. Winters are friendly and easy to manage as well. Grand Bend residents love to compare their unique lakeshore community to destinations much further north. The ‘Bend’ offers atmosphere and nostalgia similar to these northern small towns but without the nasty winters.

Yes, Grand Bend truly has it all! Our summers are warm enough to turn Lake Huron into the best swimming pool ever and our winters offer the perfect climate for all of your favorite snow-based activities. The local Grand Bend forecast is posted here daily without fail.  Check out the forecast in the sidebar to the right!