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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson when your are Buying

It’s FREE.  Generally speaking, the seller is paying the commission, a commission that it likely to be paid regardless of whether or not the Buyer has a Sales Representative.

The buyer’s Sales Representative’s job is to get the buyer the best price.  The seller’s Sales Representative’s job is to keep the price as high as possible.  Go in without a Sales Representative, and you’re sure to pay a higher price.

Access to comparable sales figures as easy as asking a Sales Representative.  If you have a no Sales Representative, you’ll have to go down to the court house and pay for each record.  Want to find out how much your neighbors paid for their house in 30 seconds?  Use a Sales Representative!

Sales Representatives can handle all of the transnational paperwork at a fraction of the cost charged by a real estate lawyer.   In other words, if you go to a real estate lawyer to close a deal that has been managed by Sales Representatives, you will spend less money with the lawyer to complete the transaction.  If the lawyer has to put the paperwork together for you because Sales Representatives are not involved, it’s likely to cost you substantially more money than if you had just used a Sales Representative.

Sales Representatives have experience!