Believe me, it can happen if your strategy is effective. Determine how much your money can grow using the power of compound interest. Calculate currency conversion in real time with our free currency converter. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. To understand why, first you need to understand why the standard compounding formula works the way it does. Mark has spent his life in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

  • Just enter your starting trading account balance, your projected monthly profit, and the relevant number of months to see where you might be in a year, two years, or at any point in the future.
  • But remember you should have a strategy that you feel comfortable with trading.
  • If you compare this with a non-compounding investment, it would result in only $120 since you would get a fixed $10 profit per each year.
  • However, if you calculate with average values, you can get a rough idea of your account’s growth potential.

This means that by compounding just 6 winning trades and taking a low profit percentage of only 2% per trade, the account balance has grown forex review by 12.6%. In practice, banks and other investments vehicles use yearly, quarterly and monthly compounding periods, in that order.

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Tyler has written hundreds of articles for financial magazines and trading websites. He is the acclaimed architect of our Cash Flow Condors and Bear Market Survival Guide premium systems. You might not even know it but if you have a savings account, it is most likely that the interest is compounded at your bank or financial institution. To calculate the profit earned over the predefined number of periods, use the calculator below. The results of this calculator are shown in future value of the money. If you turn on the "Inflation (%)" option, then you can also see the adjusted for inflation value as well.

So, now that we got the terminology out of the way, how can we know whether our trade was profitable or was a loss? Use our simple yet powerful Forex Lot Size Calculator to calculate the exact position size for each trade and manage your risk per trade like a pro. In the stock market, an account can compound through the reinvestment Forex news of dividends while in the forex market, you can reinvest your profits. Albert Einstein once said that compounding is "the most powerful force in the universe" and he was right! The interest you earn on your investment can double and triple your return, even if you have a daily or monthly contribution to your investment.

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It is a market neutral trading system and all trades are at all times hedged against each other. Profits are solely generated through Swap Rates and not by placing any kind of speculative directional trades. As gains are based on known Swap Rates, they are very consistent.