Buying Grand Bend Real Estate

Buying Grand Bend Real Estate – How does it Work?

One of the first things buyers need to understand is that there are very few situations where you would not want to use a Buyer Sales Representative.  This is particularly true when buying Grand Bend real estate because property values can vary so dramatically from one location to another.  I can’t tell you how many times my friends have said right to my face “Well, I thought about calling you, but my parents said to go directly to the Listing Real Estate Brokerage to get the best deal.”  Such a statement may have been true 30 years ago, but not today.  Today, it is the Listing Real Estate Brokerage’s fiduciary responsibility to secure the highest possible price for their client when selling a home.  And in most cases, if you go directly to the Listing Real Estate Brokerage, the rate of commission that the seller is paying once the property sells with only one Sales Representative is likely the same as or very close to the rate of commission that the seller pays if the property sells with two Sales Representatives.  The difference is, if you bring in another Sales Representative as a buyer, it is that Sales Representative’s fiduciary responsibility to secure the lowest possible price for the property you are looking to purchase.  And at the end of day, the seller is paying the commission anyway.  See how silly it is not to use a Buyer Sales Representative?  Now of course, there are exceptions to this rule when it comes to private sales and certain types listings that involve a discounted rate of commission.  Even in those cases however, I am the type of Sales Representative that is still willing to help out a buyer regardless of the commission earned.  A good business relationship is always worth more in the future than cash in my pocket today.

Buying Grand Bend Real Estate – Residential

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home or cottage in Grand Bend, Ontario, you have come to the right place.  Very few markets exist with such an extreme level of diversity.  Sure, there are always premium homes and budget-oriented properties within close proximity in most Ontario real estate markets.  In Grand Bend however, you get it all in the same friendly neighborhood!  We can bring our buyers through a multi-million dollar lakefront masterpiece and a nice cozy winterized cottage in the woods, with a price tag coming in 90% lower than the previous property, both within moments of Grand Bend’s many world class amenities.


buying grand bend real estate lakefront
This house is worth 2.5 million but would only be worth $300K across the street. That’s value is in the land – Grand Bend lakefront!

Needless to say, the real estate market in this vacation destination turned four season community is an adventure for buyers, and one that begs for the assistance of a Sales Representative.  If you choose to work with Mike Sloan*, I will find the perfect match for you.  Whether it’s a condo, apartment, building lot, hobby farm; even that dreamy lake front cottage with your very own private beach or that secluded, tucked-away home in Huron Woods with your own trail leading into the Pinery Provincial Park; finding that property with us can be as easy as 1-2-3! To make things even easier, I provide my buyers with links to the standard Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) legal forms that one would typically encounter when purchasing a home in Ontario. With me providing this information ahead of time, my buyers may educate themselves as to what type of paperwork is involved in a typical purchase.

Buying Grand Bend Real Estate – Commercial

Compared to your average big city market, Commercial property in Grand Bend is an entirely different animal as the bulk of our commercial property is only operational on a seasonal basis.  Although this town is slowly transforming to allow room for more full year commercial opportunities, it’s the seasonal properties that really bring in the big bucks.  I will typically have some commercial properties in my collection of Grand Bend listings at any given time.  Consequently, I am learning more about the ins and outs of commercial operations in Lambton Shores.   Call me any time at (519) 870-7650 to learn more.